better Joints through research      MasterClamp 2020 the ultimate framing-clamps, made in the USA 

Made in the USA MasterClamp innovative technique ensures high quality framing job. We keep research, develop and innovate progressively to improve MasterClamp and release a new improved framing clamp every two years. We implement the latest technology and practices learned throughout that period. Our goal is Precision, Performance, Perfection. MasterClamp is the industry leader in framing clamps made in the US, and set up the industry standard world wide. We carefully choose the highest grade materials for parts and hardware to achieve high performance and smooth operation of our picture framing clamps. Recently we added clamp adjustment functions and improved the parts into a smart assembly. MasterClamp 2020 Edition is the best made Since 1999 and come to be our Legacy framing clamp. The new MasterClamp works flawlessly and guaranteed for excellent working condition and long lasting. Some latest improvement are listed below:

  • US made parts, (US patent) are made now of stainless steel
  • American Aluminum components were replaced with professional grade Aluminum.
  • Hardware steel screws were replaced with stainless steel hardware.
  • High clamping pressure up to 1,000 Psi can be driven with ease to join the frame corner, sufficient pressure is crucial for good bonding of the miter cuts.

The new MasterClamp works better, looks great and guaranteed for lifetime.

MasterClamp make a better frame joints through active research since 1999. Our guidelines for joining frames: "Picture frames must be well aligned, gapless, strongly bonded, perfectly joined, never twisted, look great and well finished, preferably done with minimum effort". Using professional framing clamps and tools contribute much to the finished product. MasterClamp made it easy to join frames of all types with just a few manual actions. MasterClamp is engineered to adapt to user intuitive hand movements and muscles. Using MasterClamps is like "having two more hands on the job" joining a frame  become like a second nature for picture framers. With just a turn of the clamp handle you may complete a corner join. This help framers to focus on job quality and achieve good result quickly every time. MasterClamp is designed to drive sufficient pressure to the frame corner and create optimized strong join by default. Even better, when using a set of 4 clamps (recommended), the frame is perfectly leveled, aligned, never twisted, gapless and fully controlled by the framer at all times. The framer can readjust and optimize the frame 4 corners continuously until satisfaction. MasterClamp is the most advanced, powerful and precise clamping system on the  market. We hope MasterClamp 2020 edition will encourage more framers to keep creating good quality artistic picture frames. As in the past we will keep listening to our clients and make it a better MasterClamp hopefully for every picture framer. 

Photo: MasterClamp set clamps 4 best results at work

American Pride -  MasterClamp 2020, NYC   

framing clamp all profiles v5-Pro

Photo: Precision Machined Component

Photo: Made & Assembled in the US - v5-Basic 2020

framing clamp all profiles v5-Pro

Photo: Final Assembly 2020 v5-Pro

joining 3" tall moulding - MasterClamp Legacy