MasterClamp developed best practices for joining picture frames

Avi Gombinsky - Inventor

MasterClamp developed the best practices and guidelines to join picture frames of all kind. The MasterClamp™ framing clamp was invented in 1994 by Avi Gombinsky, the founder of Baruch Framing and Gallery (New York City). Early on, Mr.. Gombinsky saw the need, for a better way to join wood frames and developed The MasterClamp™ as the solution. Through years of research and development it has been perfected into the ultimate tool for joining wooden picture frames of all types and sizes, including shadow box moldings and oversized. We soon found that the New MasterClamp™ enabled us to finish our customers jobs at a higher quality, while significantly reducing time and cost. Thanks to similar experiences by our colleagues in the industry, Baruch Framing Tools CO. now manufactures the MasterClamp™ series for professional framers around the world.

About MasterClamp™

MasterClamp™ is a clamp designed to join picture frames using glue under high pressure, this ensures tight and accurate joints. MasterClamp™ distributes the glue evenly, under pressure (up to 1000 lb/sq in) there by reducing the drying time to approximately 15-25 minutes. MasterClamp creates a joint, that is stronger and tighter than any tool on the market.

MasterClamp™ is designed as a single handed operation, allowing the free hand to position the miter-cuts (while clamping).

MasterClamp™ is made of machined steel and aircraft aluminum for durability and for a long service life. The clamp will retain its shape and precision under maximum pressure application.

up to 1000 lb/sq in